Partnership Approach

One of our goals is to become a partner with our customers. We’re not just providing therapists to treat residents in their facilities. We understand the business of post acute care. We know what’s going on in our customer’s facility so we can meet their needs, and in a lot of cases, we’re bringing solutions to them before they even know they have a problem.

A partnership with Heritage Healthcare will align you with a company that has the following characteristics:

  • Innovation - state of the art clinical programs. Industry leading resident (geriatric) centered clinical models.
  • Privately held - a company that is focused only on the superior delivery of rehabilitative care to the post acute market and is not distracted by “quarterly growth” or delivering care to “owned” facilities
  • Responsive - our delivery model and customer focused mentality enable us to respond quickly to your needs and goals
  • Reliable - our proven reliability means you can count on us to deliver resident centered care.

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Potential Customers

Heritage Healthcare is dedicated to providing exceptional clinical care, identifying customer opportunities and presenting rehab management solutions.

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Careers with Heritage

For those who believe that caring is not a job, but a calling, you’ll find a welcoming home at Heritage Healthcare.

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